In 1927, businessman Harvey R. Miracle started his own plumbing company in Canton, Ohio, and quickly became known for his personal and reliable style of serving his customers. The business was a family affair; while Harvey handled all the installation and service work, his wife, Fanny, took care of the bookkeeping side of things.

Over time, as the business grew, Harvey recognized that coal was being phased out in favor of natural gas as the preferred method of residential and business heating. He established a heating division, and soon Miracle was installing and repairing gas furnaces to go along with the plumbing business. 

Harvey was eventually joined by his nephew Elmer Brown (2nd generation), and together they continued to grow the business by focusing on superior customer service and high-quality products.  Elmer ran the business successfully for years until his son, Steve Brown (3rd generation), took over the business. Steve grew the company from a few technicians to more than 20. Steve also moved the company from Walnut Ave. in downtown Canton to Whipple Ave in Jackson township in 1995. Miracle is now in its fourth generation as Kyle Brown, Steve Brown's son, took over as president.

Miracle now employs over 35 employees to serve residential and commercial customers. We look forward to serving all of your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs for generations to come.

Gold Card Membership

The Miracle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Gold Card entitles our customers to the ultimate in convenience, service, special offers and most of all, savings. As a Gold Card member, you will receive all of the following benefits:

No After Hours Charges (also known as Overtime). When you, our valued Gold Card members have a service need (emergency or otherwise) to be performed after our regular business hours (7:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Monday through Friday) you will be billed at the prevailing rate minus an additional 15% Gold Card member savings. *15% Discount on Parts & Products. When our Gold Card members need parts or want to purchase products (faucets, braided stainless steel washing machine supplies, air filters, humidifier panels, etc.) you can take an additional 15% off these items too! *

Free Emergency Shut-off Tagging. Our technicians will (at customer request) locate and tag your emergency furnace shut-off and your water main shut-off valve in bright yellow. This will be performed at your next routine service call.

24 Hours Per Day, 7 Days Per Week Emergency Service. Take advantage of Miracle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling when it is convenient for you.

Gold Card Special Discounts. Yes, on top of the service, parts and products discounts, your Gold Card offers even more! Get special offers on everything from Water Heaters, Drain Services, Video Technology, and Stainless Steel washing machine supply lines to Bio-Clean drain/sewer maintenance, and even our award winning bathroom remodeling! (And many, many more!)

Miracle’s Annual Calendar. You will receive via mail our beautiful Miracle Calendar with “Memory Minder Stickers.”

Refrigerator Magnets. No refrigerator is complete without a Miracle Magnet! If an emergency should strike, your full line plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, drain and sewer professionals’ number will be easy to find.

*Service/Trip Charge and contract jobs excluded

Note: Gold Card offers are subject to change without notice